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Royal Travel Fund Auction at EK 12th Night

October 7, 2013

A grand auction for the East Kingdom Royal Travel Fund will be held during 12th Night. Saturday, Jan. 4, at the Italian Community Center of Troy, N.Y.


While the details are not complete, it is expected the auction will combine silent auction, ticket-tray and live auction formals.

What is most important right now is that we reach out of donations so we know what we will have coming.

Their Royal Majesties, King Kenric, and Queen Avelina, will be making donations, and they ask that you do so if possible.

Please pass this on to local groups, guilds and newsletters and anyone else who might help.

From past experience, items that sell well include:

  • Hand-made items
  • Promissories for backlog scrolls and other work
  • Mugs and other feat-gear items
  • Pre-made SCA weaponry include shields
  • Lessons from fighters or artisans
  • Food items (do not have to be period) or promises of food or a formal dinner at an event.
  • Campwork at an event, including Pennsic.
  • Fabric
  • SCA-specific books
  • New or gently used clothing in good condition, especially children’s clothing.
  • Beef jerky or a promissory for it.
  • Admission to an upcoming event.
  • Promissory for a poem or story.
  • Or so many others.

Answers to some questions:

  • The best method of getting the item to us is to bring it to 12th Night after telling us in advance.
  • Or give it to someone going to 12th Night after telling us it is coming.
  • If you have something ready to go and are coming to Crown, you may bring it and hand it off to me there.
  • I also expect to be at Bjorn’s Ceilidh in Cohoes, N.Y., Saturday Nov. 9.
  • I expect Their Majesties will have someone on staff who can receive at any event, most likely Lord Fergus Redmead. Simply ask the head lady in waiting who to give it to.
  • You can ship it to Bill Toscano, 10 Knight St., Glens Falls, NY, 12801, and I will try to help with shipping.
  • If you have questions about the auction, items, whether we would want them or how to package them, please contact me at
  • Once you have decided for sure on donating (even if you have told me already), please send a note with full details on the donation and delivery method to Lady Wentlyanna¬†at She will be the keeper of the list.

If you have ever been anywhere near a royal reign, you know how expensive it can get. Please, if there is any way you can help, please do.

Whether you can donate an item or not, please plan to come, bid early and bid often.

In service and for the glory of Their Majesties,

Master Liam St. Liam, Companion of the Order of the Pelican, 12th Tyger of the East