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Pennsic Thoughts 1: Bardic

August 5, 2013

Trying to summarize Pennsic in a couple of blog posts is like trying to explain “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy in 15 minutes.

But I will do my best.

I’ll start by focusing on bardic events. I was fortunate enough to make it to our “Marauders at Home” bardic, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It had an interesting tone to it. There was not a lot of “war” bardic, but rather a lot about history and honor in the SCA. It may border on sexism, and I apologize, but it seemed more “feminine” than other bardic circles I have been in, such as the night before in Aethelmearc. It was great of Aethelmearc to host two bardic circles.

The last circle I went to was second Thursday at Calontir and was very much a traditional Calon bardic with many of the usual songs and the typical seemingly effortless harmonies the Calontiri are capable of.

It was great to hear “Stand Brother Stand” as an attempt to case “Summon King Lachlan,” and it worked. I wish I had thought to ask Ealdormere for “Rise.” Dolan Madoc seemed to be the happiest bard at war, especially regarding a circle at Darkyard.

I sadly missed many formal performances.

Cerian and friends put on a great performance.

Heather Dale, solo with no Ben, did six Arthurian songs, then two more, then gave way to an Ealdormerean bard, did two more and brought Lord Drake on stage to do two, including the song about the ladies of the Rose.

Heather did a couple more then turned to me and said, “Our next guest needs no introduction, because everyone knows Master Liam.”

There was some applause, then I said, “You can clap louder. I am not going to sing,” and the place busted loose.

I talked about honoring those we greatly respect, especially those we have lost, then told “You’re Do Dead,” “Leonete as Nataliia” and “Beating the King With Traffic Cones.” I stopped there, then Heather wanted more, and I told part of the developing “Vis Cycle,” ending with “They Can’t Beat Him Either.”

I was heart-stoppingly amazed.

Not a lot of new CDs out, other than Ealdormere’s Kitchen Party Part 3.

Heather was distributing her free CD, “Perpetual Gift,” which is available at or .

Really enjoyed a drum circle at Dun Phelan with two guys who had been playing together for years and reveled in the Calontiri marching past camp singing each day.

More to come.