Thirty Essential SCA songs

Important note: Again, this is a list of personal preference, and I likely could have doubled it. I am always open to suggestions for new ideas.

All-time Favorites

“Born on the Listfield”
Master Ivar Battleskald
“Song of the Shield Wall”
Malkin Gray/Peregrynne Windrider
“The Peasant Knight”
Mistress Rosalind Jehanne’Allen Garretson
“One of Us”
Heather Dale
Lucia Elena Braganza


“Flower of the Desert”
Baldwin of Erebor
Hector of the Black Height
“Stand Brother, Stand”
Truly Carmichael
“I Am of the North”
Aneleda Falconbridge
“Sons of the Dragon”
Garraed Gailbraith
“Shield My Kinsman”
Wyndreth Berginsdottir


Andrew of Wolvenwood
“Song of Roland”
Mistress Rosalind Jehanne
“Band of Brothers”
Ken Theriot
“Crusader Song”
Conn MacNall


“The Feast Song”
Ken Theriot
“Ban The Fencers”
Thomas Bordeaux
“Death, Doom and Gloom”
Cerian Cantwyr
“I’m a Duke, and You’re Not”
Thomas Bordeaux
“Seven Old Laurels”
Efenwealt Whystle/David Gunther

More Favorites

“InDUCKtion Song”
John Inchingham

“Non Nobis”
Psalm 115:1/ Patrick Doyle

“Burden of the Crown”
Baldwin of Erebor

“Stone Soup”
Heather Dale

“Drums Over Pennsic”
Lorelei Skye

“Fruit of the Yew”
James Treebull The Stubborn

“Compact Between Horse and Man
Dorcas Whitecastle

“Knight’s Leap”
Charles Kingsley/Leslie Fish

“My Old Man’s A . . .”
Valentine Warner/Efenwealt Whystle

“The Leaving Song”
Andrixos Seljukroctonis

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